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Are the Penny Stock Egghead’s picks as solid as this egg?

Last Updated: 31 July 2017

Nathan Gold Penny Stock Egghead is the latest in a long list of “guru” stock pickers.

This dick egghead is James Connelly (The Penny Stock Prophet) on heat.

A quick look at his website sales page shows that he has a formula to turn $1,000 into a whopping $5,736,354 in only five easy steps (not the tiresome 38 steps that James Connelly proposes).

This surely has to be too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Not if you follow his picks and his “risk avoidance 101” rules. In fact, after only step one, in which you invested in a stock that rocketed up 362.67%, you can pay off your credit cards or take that long awaited European holiday.

It gets even better, after step two (in which you invest in stock that makes you a 1,150% gain) you have a down payment on a house or that brand new luxury car.

You get the picture…. After only five investments, you are now in the 1% of Americans of whom the Occupy Wall Streeter’s despise.

Heck, with a formula like that, why stop at $5 million in five steps? Why not $50 million in ten steps, or even $500 million in twenty steps?

And once again, this marketer’s MO is the same as the Prophet’s. Charge subscribers a one-off $97 fee for his penny stocks to watch while at the same time taking money from the very same companies who pay him to “pick” their stock.

But what we really want to know is are Penny Stock Egghead picks any good?

All teasing aside, all that really matters is whether the Egghead’s picks are any good.

You might be surprised by our answer here, but actually yes they are good.

Shiznit Stocks signed up for Penny Stock Egghead’s service and monitored his picks. His picks generally do pretty well.

Maybe not as well as ours, but better than most we’ve seen.

I won’t go into detail on his picks, and will warn you about having grand illusions of mansions, luxury yachts and beautiful women, but you generally won’t go too wrong signing up there to get your dose of penny stock picks.

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