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Is this how Super Trades Rolls?

Last Updated: 31 July 2017

Paul Scolardi aka “Superman” runs a stock picking blog / service called Super Trades

Note, I am not a current subscriber to the services mentioned in this article, and these opinions are those from my experiences in the past, mainly from 2010-2014. If anyone is a current subscriber and would like to shed some light, please email me your thoughts.

Paul Scolardi cut his teeth many years ago on the formerly popular (now largely defunct) investing message board, The Lion, where he managed to attract a wide following through his successful picks.

Shortly after, he started his blog like thousands of other wannabe traders / marketers have done, and went on his journey to conquer the world fast than a speeding bullet.

But does Paul Scolardi stand for “truth, justice and all that stuff”?

Super Trades often alerts low float, “undervalued” stocks and publishes his thesis on his blog and finance websites such as Seeking Alpha as to why he thinks the stock price will rise .

I’m not sure if Paul has positions in the stocks he alerts, but I am told that Paul indicates this in his disclaimer, and that he does alert his members to penny stocks to watch that he does not have a position in.

Do Super Trades Picks do well?

Sure they do. I’ve made money off his alerts in the past.

Generally, the “investing community” takes notice of Paul’s analysis on a given stock and this can cause a volume surge (usually accompanied by a price rise).

In other words, some times the volume created in his picks are from his audience that buy the stock based on his recommendations.

This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, the same notion applies to my picks.

And the reality is, it very common practice for stocks to surge, not necessarily because of fundamentals or technical’s, but because “analysts” or media pundits who have a large following, mention a particular stock in the media..

But doesn’t Shiznit Stocks do the same thing as Paul Scolardi?

Yes and no. We do have a following, and we occasionally alert low volume, low float, undervalued stocks that we think could move in the future.

And so we are absolutely clear, we never buy any stocks before we recommend them to our subscribers, nor do we ever short sell into our subscriber’s buying. Never.

Should I follow Paul Scolardi aka “Superman” and his Super Trades picks?

Sure, why not? I do. I don’t typically buy his penny stock picks, although I have done so in the past.

Just make sure you always do your own due diligence before blindly following him (or anyone for that matter).

Many of his picks do extremely well, and give his followers the chance to buy and sell for quick gains.

Just make sure you look at his disclaimer and understand that he may have already bought a stock he is recommending to his subscribers.

Of course this is all just my opinion / observations… feel free to sign up to his service to find out for yourself.

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