Medical Marijuana Stocks


Last Updated: 31 July 2017

Below is a list of medical marijuana stocks that are currently trading on the OTC / Pink Sheets. medical marijuana stocks

These companies have not been independently verified as actively operating in the medical marijuana sector, rather this list has been compiled from press releases and regulatory filings, where a company has stated their participation within the medical marijuana industry.

This list is for general information purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell. Please refer to our disclaimer and use this list of medical marijuana stocks with caution.

Ticker Company Name Sub Sector
AEGY Alternative Energy Partners Medical Marijuana
AERO Aerogrow International Inc Marijuana Growing
AFAI Alternative Fuels America Inc Medical & Recreational Marijuana
ATTBF Abatitis Bioceuticals Corp Medical Marijuana
AVTC AVT, Inc Marijuana Distribution
AXXU Axxess Unlimited Inc DUI Testing Equipment
BAYP Bayport International Holdings Holding Company
BCAP Baron Capital Enterprise Financing Marijuana Companies
BRDT Breedit Corp Marijuana Growing
BTDG B2Digital Inc Speculation – Not Found*
CANN Advanced Cannabis Solutions Marijuana Growing & Distribution
CBIS Cannabis Science Inc Medical Marijuana
CLNP Cleanpath Resources Corp Medical Marijuana Herbalists
COLV Costal Intregrated Services Not Found
CPXP Coupon Express Not Found
CWIR Central Wireless Inc Not Found
CWNM Crown Marketing Not Found
CYBK Cyber Kiosk Solutions Inc ID Checking Machines
DEWM Dewmar Hemp Oil Food Products
EAPH Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc Medical Marijuana
EDXC ENDEXX Corp Holding Company
ENDO Endocan Corporation Medical Marijuana
ENRT Enertopia Corp Medical Marijuana
ERBB Tranzbyte Corp Holding Company
EXMT Anything Technologies Media Inc Holding Company
FFFC Fastfunds Financial Corp Funding Marijuana Companies
FITX Creative Edge Nutrition Supplements & Energy Drink Company
FNJN Finjan Holdings Inc Holding Company – Not Found*
FSPM Fusion Pharm Medical Marijuana
GDSM Gold Coast Mining Corp Not Found
GLCO Global Links Corp Web Based Distribution
GRNH GreenGro Technologies Marijuana Growing
GWPRF GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) Medical Marijuana
HEMP Hemp Inc Industrial Hemp
HESG Health Sciences Group Medical Marijuana
HNSS Healthnostics Inc Marijuana Information Website
HPCS HPC POS System Corp Marijuana Delivery System (E-Cigs)
HRDN D C Brands International Inc Not Found
HSCC Homeland Security Corp Security Equipment for Marijuana Industry
ICBU IMD Companies Supplements & Energy Drink Company
ILIV Intelligent Living Funding Med Marijuana Media App
INAR InternetArray Inc Medical Marijuana
LATF Latteno Food Corp Hemp
LKEN Greene Concepts Inc Food & Beverage Company
LVVV Livewire Ergogenics Chewable Marijuana
MCIG mCig Inc Marijuana Delivery System Company
MDCN Medican Enterprises Inc Medical Marijuana
MDIN Northstar Global Business Services Inc Medical Marijuana
MDRM Modern Mobility Aids Inc Medical Marijuana
MEDT MediaTechnics Corp Not Found (Lights for Growing)
MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc Medical Marijuana
MLCG ML Capital Group Inc Holding Co. (Medical Marijuana)
MMRF MMR Global Inc Medical Record Storage
MNTR Mentor Capital Inc Medical Marijuana
MWIP MediSwipe Hemp Based Health Products
NRBT Novus Robotics Inc Hemp Oil Nutritional
NRTI Inergetics Inc Not Found
NTRR Neutra Corp Hemp Based Health Products
NVLX Nuvilex Inc Medical Marijuana
NWPN Now Corporation Medical Marijuana
ORGC Organic Alliance Inc Not Found
PARS Pharmos Corp Not Found
PFMS Paper Free Medical Not Found
PHOT Growlife Inc Marijuana Growing
PLPE(D) Vape Holdings Inc Marijuana Delivery System Company
PLPL Plandai Biotechnology Inc Medical Marijuana
PMCM Primco Management Medical Marijuana
PMXO PMX Gold Communities Inc Vending Machines
POTG Portage Resources Inc Not Found
PRPM Protek Capital Inc Financial backing for MMJ Industry
PUGE Puget Technologies Inc Delivery Systems (Patch, nasal spray, drinks)
QASP Quasar Aerospace Speculation – Not Found
REFG Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions The Name says It All
REVI Resource Ventures Inc Industry Services
RFMK Rapid Fire Marketing Inc Marijuana Delivery System Company
RIGH RightSmile Inc Medical Marijuana
ROSV Rostock Ventures Corp Marijuana Growing
SING Singlepoint Inc Marijuana Industry Service Company
SIPC Sipp Industries Inc Vodka Makers (Marijuana Not Found*)
SKTO SK3 Group Inc Marijuana Industry Service Company
SNRY Solar Energy Initiatives Inc Not Found
SOCR Solpower Not Found (Bitcoin/Marijuana?)
SPLI AvWorks Aviation Works Not Found
SREH Strategic Rare Earth Metals Inc Medical Marijuana
STBV Strategic Global Investments Inc Holding Company
TAUG Tauriga Sciences Inc Medical Marijuana
TTDZ Tritton Distribution Systems Inc Marijuana Phone App?
TRTC Terra Tech Corp Hemp Based Food Products
USEI US Energy Initiatives Corp Medical Marijuana
UTRM United Treatment Centers Inc Marijuana Business Network
VAPE Vape Holdings Inc Not Found
VAPR VaperBrands International Inc Delivery Systems (E-Cig)
VMGI Verde Media Group Inc Marijuana TV
VPER Viper Networks Lighting Company
VTMB Vitamin Blue Inc Clothing & Surfboard Company
WNTR Worldwide Signs Holding Company
WTII Water Technologies International Inc Water Generators For Growers
XTRM Extreme Biodiesel Inc Marijuana Real Estate & Fuel From Hemp
XXII 22nd Century Group Speculation – Not Found
ZDPY Zoned Properties Inc Commercial Real Estate