Jason Bond Picks


Last Updated: 31 July 2017

It’s Bond, Jason Bond Picks.

Jason Bond Picks is yet another subscription based “alerts” service. I assume, like most other newsletters, he provides his members with penny stocks to watch for the trading day. We have not yet subscribed to this service to test his picks out, so in the interest of objectivity and fairness we wont comment on this, however we do note that his last pick in TVIX was a dismal failure. Have a look at this trade below… A loss of 54% and counting!


Jason Bond Picks 50% loss on TVIX

Jason Bond Picks 50% loss on TVIX

Jason Bond obviously has no idea about risk management. Not only that, but he is alerting his members to a trade in an ETN (exchange traded note)… hardly something that;

1/ will make quick profits like our top penny stocks here at Shiznit Stocks, and;
2/ is not a stock, and is something an unsophisticated investor should not touch.

Did we mention that Bluewave Advisors LLC, a well known stock promoter, is behind Jason Bond Picks?

So not only does this service charge his members a monthly fee, it also sends out picks that he has been compensated for by the companies he alerts. Again, double dipping and just plain unethical.

So is Jason Bond Picks a scam?

I won’t go that far, although it depends on your definition of a scam.

Jason Bond looks like a clean cut gentleman, and professes to be a former school teacher, and he probably isn’t a bad guy. But I only care about his penny stock picks, and the fabrications he pushes on to unsuspecting subscribers.

That’s all we have to say here. If you are or have subscribed to Jason Bond Picks and would like to give us your feedback of this service, please drop us a line.

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