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cameron fous alertsLast Updated: 31 July 2017

Cameron Fous runs a stock trading website he predictably calls Fous Alerts.

Fous Alerts was formerly “The Technical Trader” which was started some time around 2006. The re-branding to Fous Alerts came a year or two ago as Fous was taken under the wing of his internet marketing idol and mentor, Timothy Sykes, and subsequently prompted Fous to allow Sykes to affiliate market his service.

That didn’t last long though. Fous ventured out on his out pretty soon after (he must have realized how big a snake Sykes really is).

Now before I get into my review of Cameron Fous and his penny stock newsletter service, Fous Alerts, let me just say this…

I actually kind of like Fous. Yes, he has a high opinion of himself (as evidenced by all the staged photography pinning himself as America’s Next Top Model). And yes, he suspiciously mimics his idol Sykes with almost everything his does.

No points for originality Fous, but whatever works I guess.

Cameron Fous the trader

I have followed Fous (loosely) since about 2009, and have actually signed up for his service a couple times over the years. Not because I need his stock picks, or his “education”, but because I like to see what other traders are doing, know the penny stocks to watch, and most importantly, to find out who is legit and who is a myth in this business.

From what I have seen, Cameron Fous is a good trader in bull markets. In 2009, and periods of 2010-2012 when the market went through some cool periods, Fous’ performance was mediocre at best. When the market is hot however, he certainly makes his hay.

Although Cameron Fous invents a pattern he has coined the “Fous4”, he gets a lot of his trading ideas and set ups from others. From my experience, he signs up to other newsletter/chat rooms to get many of his trading ideas. Which I’m 100% fine with. Why reinvent the wheel right?

One thing Cameron Fous does get credit for is that he generally trades and alerts small cap and penny stocks that have some kind of momentum and volume. Unlike Kunal Desai from Bulls on Wall Street, Paul Scolardi, Timothy Sykes and others, Fous Alerts usually doesn’t alert low volume crap so Fous can front run and profit by selling into his subscribers buying.

Should I sign up to Fous Alerts?

Sure. If you can afford $99/month, tolerate the self obsession, and handle the highly annoying occasional email he sends out claiming bogus “member profits” (all marketing ploys that apparently work).

No comment on his Fous 4 DVD either. I have not seen them, but apparently they have good reviews.

And before I get a flood of email, this is not a recommendation of Fous Alerts. You won’t find any affiliate links here on Shiznit Stocks. I’m just giving you my opinion.

Of course I think you would be better off signing up for my free service, rather than paying Cameron Fous for his Fous Alerts service , but I realize my service may not be everyone’s “cup of tea”.

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