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Last Updated: 31 July 2017

Are you looking for Awesome Penny Stocks?

We are too. It appears they have gone AWOL. Perhaps retired. Maybe fleeing the country, hiding from authorities. Your guess is as good as mine.

Awesome Penny Stocks (or APS as they are otherwise known) have closed down their website, apparently for good.

For those who don’t know about Awesome Penny Stocks, they were a big player in the stock promoting world for several years. Pumping stocks such as CPOW, ALZM, POTG, MILV, AMWI, NSRS, PHRX, GWBU and many more, for several days, even weeks, at a time, APS had good success on many of their promotions.

Some of their promotions gained 100%, 200% even 500%+ and traded on strong volume.

Many of their promotions gave investors the chance to make solid multi-day gains, but they always ended the same way (which is ultimately why they came unstuck) – with the dreaded dump.

Now, the funny thing is, most stocks (even big board stocks) often trade this exact same way.

We see a big, fast price rise with large volume, followed by a equally large sell-off.

You only have to look at hundreds of stocks like REE (2010-2011) or HDY (2011), or practically any Pharma/Biotech stock and you will see the same chart pattern as you do with APS promoted stocks.

The difference is that the SEC turn a blind eye to big board stocks that are promoted or “touted” by media pundits, incompetent journalists & editors, analysts and TV personalities.

I get in to this topic in more detail here, but in essence, the is no difference on the surface to what APS was doing and what is done every day with NYSE and NASDAQ stocks.

But Awesome Penny Stocks were apparently very shady behind the scenes, and have been accused of breaking many securities laws.

So it is that APS have now gone. I won’t go into detail of how, why, where and when, as that has been widely covered elsewhere – see here and here.

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